OK, so I’m going to admit right for the get go that the title of this article is totally misleading.

THERE’S NO SECRET MORNING ROUTINE OR RITUAL that will make you successful.

I see it all the time where people are professing that a 5am start, a one hour yoga practice followed by 30 minutes meditation and 30 minute journalling is what will make you uber successful. It makes me roll my eyes 🙄 AND it makes me a little cross as gorgeous Rockstars try to wedge their asses into these structured routines that simply don’t serve them.

I had one lovely Rockstar who was trying to persevere with such a routine and she was exhausted, teary and far from the “whoop whoop, everything is awesome” that was the promise ground she was seeking.

I am a mum.  Mornings are mental (there I said it).  There’s a circus of children, lunches, school bags, shoes (don’t even get me started on the inability to put to pieces of leather on your feet in a timely fashion), breakfasts, spilled milk (and we ain’t going to cry over it), a husband who HATES mornings and a dog who seems to want to follow and intensify the levels of chaos dramatically.

Get up before the kids they say….

My children have an inbuilt radar “🔈🔈 ACTIVATE CHILD WAKE UP, MUMMY IS OUT OF BED 📣 📣” so any attempt at a couple of hours before the kids rise has always been met with extra time trying to amuse and appease them before school.

I have 2 starts to my day usually ~ the one that I’ve accepted that I have little control over and that involved other humans and animals and perfect is something that simply doesn’t exist AND then the one after the school run that gives me the opportunity to set up for the day ahead.

My Pre-Control Morning 

A typical “pre-control” morning looks like this;

  • Everyone up
  • Dog over excited and following everyone everywhere
  • Mummy ain’t talking to anyone until the coffee machine is in action
  • A dozen requests for confirmation of the breakfast of choice (proceed to make what they now don’t want)
  • Shower (if I have time) with a fabulous visualisation to set me up perfectly!
  • Teeth brushing nagging commences
  • Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh coffee
  • Are you dressed??  No you can’t wear that! Of course there’s clean uniform in your wardrobe
  • I’ll be cross if I have to come up there and it’s right in front of your eyes!
  • Are you sure you didn’t wear those pants yesterday 🙈 (boy child NOT husband)
  • Husband grunts and leaves with dog
  • Argument over who is breathing the other’s air without permission
  • The shoe thing starts
  • Have you got everything you need in your bag
  • Coats (and the shoe thing is still rumbling on)
  • Let’s go, go, go
  • Do we HAVE TO walk to school
  • Falls over & cries (usually girl child)
  • Get to school and hand over parenting responsibility to happy smiling teacher!


So this next bit is the bit that I have an element of control over.

Controlled Element Of Morning

  • If we’ve walked to school then I walk back very mindfully and I walk through the park close to our house on the return journey ~ kinda a little reset after the madness
  • Coffee upon arriving home
  • A little time with my notebook to download ideas and things whizzing around inside my brain.  I don’t like to label it journalling although essentially that’s what it is.  It’s journalling without the rules.
  • A plan for the day ~ 5 minutes to look at work to do and expectations for the day ahead
  • Grounding exercise
  • Crack on with the tasks in hand.

To assist with my rituals and routines I do plan time into my diary to hit the swimming pool.  I’m very much drawn to water as my element and any water based environment (whether it’s the pool, walking by the river or being by the sea) instantly calms me and reconnects me.

I walk the dog around lunchtime each day (even if it’s only around the block).

My calm app reminds me to meditate.

I have the exercise diarised in with reminders, lunch is on a reminder on my phone as I found that I was forgetting to stop to eat because I was so engrossed in my work and the meditation is on a reminder.  Reminders help to keep me on track as I do get massively engrossed in things and want to give it all of my all.

I’m super productive despite not having a 5am routine.

I also know that the whole 5am thang works for lots of people.

My Advice 

✔️  Go with exactly what suits you 

✔️ Work out the elements of the morning that it’s ok to accept, just as they are in their imperfection 

✔️  Embrace change where you’d like it to be a little more settled

✔️  Don’t just dive into work ~ I absolutely advocate a period of reflection (even if that’s 5 min whilst the kettle boils) to set yourself up for the day 

✔️  Use reminders to help you to maintain habits you want/need to include in your day 

✔️  One size doesn’t fit all here so give things a go BUT don’t persevere if it doesn’t fit and don’t freak out and decide you’re going to be a fail because you didn’t make it work.