The entrepreneurial speaker Jim Rohn very famously said: “We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.”

Hmmm. If you’ve never heard this before it may take you aback a little…  Perhaps, if you’re lucky, you will find yourself rubbing your hands with glee at this realisation. Or, you may have a rising feeling of despair…

Does this mean you have to ditch your friends and family, and go off in search of some magical, mystical, Zen-like gurus to befriend?  Does it mean that you need to desperately seek out successful millionaires who drive fancy cars or philanthropists who give gazillions to charity?

 No, it doesn’t.

It just means it’s a superb idea, if you don’t already, to start being super mindful of the impact and energetic effect those around you have on you, your life and your work.

We know it’s exhausting to be around those who seem to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders and who like nothing more than a good moan.

And this is even more impactful in the digital world because it’s not so easy to put distance between you and these covert influencers, for want of a better expression.

If your time spent on social media is full of opinions, judgements and negativity, and content that leaves you exasperated, envious and other unpleasant feelings, then it’s not rocket science to realise that it isn’t helping you in your desire to achieve great things and enjoy life.

Preserving energy is essential in today’s pace of life and although it may not be obvious, we can find it leaking out through the choices we make about with whom we spend our time or put our attention on.

When it comes to relationships, we are greatly influenced — whether we like it or not — by those closest to us. It affects our way of thinking, our self-esteem, and our decisions. Of course, everyone is their own person, but we can be more affected by our environment than we realise.

So, applying Jim Rohn’s concept about our average being determined by the company we keep, what does that mean for you?

Well, since you can’t always remove yourself from some situations – you can’t just disown your own children because they drain you at times – and putting immediate family aside, there are a few simple things you can do to effectively up-level or re-create your own average…

Try these:

✔️ Write a list of the five people in your world who inspire you, motivate you, cheerlead you, make you feel A M A Z I N G and commit to spending more time with them.   AND as a nice little extra – you can also send them a little thank you for their awesome influence in your world too… costs nothing and has an amazing effect on you both!

✔️ List three people who leave you feeling flat (If you fear being discovered make this a mental list). If you want to keep them in your world then make a conscious choice to be mindful about the time you spend with them.  Make sure you’re in a good place, see the grumps and whinges for what they are.  Refrain from projecting your values onto them and try not to absorb theirs… If you can help make their situation better, do it! But do it consciously and unconditionally – as in try not to attach to the outcome of what they chose to do (or not do) with your help.    Then go and hang out with one of the five above!

✔️ Take a scoot down your social media timelines and stop following the people or pages that aren’t rocking your world (they don’t even know you’ve done it). My motto on this is, if it’s not a “Hell Yeah!” then it’s a No…!

✔️Go through your inbox and unsubscribe from any negativity that’s camping out in there. If it leaves you feeling flat, drained, wobbly, unworthy or rubbish in any way then it has no place. Go on, unsubscribe.

Then start to follow some new, inspiring people or groups that really reflect who you are NOW and where you are going…

Re-create your own average – the influencers in your world can supercharge your success.  Why?

Because they will inspire you to be the most epic version of yourself and when you are that, nothing can stop you.