I’m no web designer or tech ninja – I can do enough, I can build a site and make it functional if I want to BUT as my own mantra says “just because you could doesn’t mean you should” rings in my ears.

I have enough knowledge to get frustrated with sites and the ability to overcome the smaller techie hurdles BUT when I started out I didn’t have the first idea. I was a lawyer. Websites were the thing of the IT Department and absolutely nothing to do with me. I’d never been in the back end of a website let alone looked at anything to do with sites at all.

BUT, I knew I needed to know. I am a big advocate of knowing the basics of stuff before handing it all over to someone else. EVEN if you do this in reverse and find out the basics once it’s built THEN you have a level of control over it.

Let’s go through some of the things that you need to know;

Buying A Domain

Domains can be REALLY cheap!

BUT, what is a domain? The domain is the url of your site.

For example www.coachingrockstars.com << that is a domain.

I am a bit of a domain whore and have numerous urls I have bought over the years.

I do like a good url. It’s kinda like digital stationery!


You will need to host your website. There are stacks of options available. I have used Bluehost and Siteground and have never had any problems with either. I continue to use both which my main website hosted with Siteground as it is a bit more of a robust package and all my secondary domains sitting on Bluehost.

Email Addresses

You can usually create email addresses which match your website through your hosting – for example emma@coachingrockstars.com

Website Creation

You have choices here. You can bring together a WordPress website, Squarespace, Wix to name but a few. I am a WordPress girl. It has amazing functionality, it’s constantly updated and worked on and there are stacks of WordPress experts out there. Added to that you can bolt on lots of super specific “plugins” (see below) which are developed for WordPress all the time.


The theme of your website brings together it’s look. It’s kinda like the design package on top of your site. There are gazillions of WordPress themes out there – some are free and some are paid for. As I paid for option I love a theme called Divi as it’s super easy to design and make look profesh!


You can use different plugins to create different functionality on your site. You can add plugins that allow you to create a members area in your website or make your blogs easily shareable or create sign up boxes at the bottom of pages. Really the functionality options are endless.

So, where did I start out learning about websites?

I have worked with 2 incredible webby ladies in brining together websites.

The first course I took was this one from the Business Beautician >> How To Build A WordPress Site In An Hour <<

I also love the work of Naomi Gilmour who is part of #teamrockstars and has a fab, robust, website design and development programme >>click here to find out more<<

As I said before, knowing your way around your site, being able to make changes when you want to and iron out little issues is absolutely priceless.

If you want someone else to design your site for you then I also recommend Naomi – Branching Out Online who has built a site for me Kat – Business Beautician who has also built a site for me.

I never recommend people that I haven’t used myself. Want to know the types of things that you need to be thinking about when you are bringing together your website >>take a look at this article<<