In this article I want to dive into what factors make up the attraction field in your business and what you need to consider if you are currently attracting people to your business who aren’t the right fit for you.

In this article we will unpick;

✔️ Ways to stop attracting client’s who can’t afford to pay for you (audio)

✔️ What areas make up your attraction field (video)

✔️ What you can do to supercharge your attraction field (OR change it all together)

Let’s Dive In 

I suppose the old adage is “your vibe attracts your tribe” and to some degree that’s SUPER true.  We often attract what we are and without getting too woo woo on this (for this particular article) we have an attraction field that’s made up of many areas and the energy that we put out there is the energy that we get in return.

People often feel super defeated when they don’t attract to them people who are prepared to invest in their self development – but these same people are shying away from investing in their own self development.

People who feel hugely desperate (we will dig into that one a little more shortly) often attract people who are in need of quick fixes and to turn things around in a heart beat.

People who shy away from doing the work often attract people who aren’t prepared to do the work.

So, what contributes to your attraction field?

Your Brand 

The visual look & feel of your brand will obviously attract a certain kinda person.  Your brand needs to represent you, your values, your personality and core beliefs (we will talk about this a little more in your vibe too) BUT it will also attract a certain kinda person.

We know of brands that are DEFINITELY for certain demo-graphs, it’s really obvious from their imagery.

Sometimes it’s a bit more SUBTLE too.

Consider the types of people you are attracting into your business right now.  Are they the people that you want to be attracting?  If not then your brand is part (NOT ALL) of the consideration.  If you aren’t bringing the right people to your business now then consider whether your brand is likely to appeal to a certain demo-graph?  Be a little objective here.

It’s not always cut & dry.  I have been surprised in the past as to who my brand has attracted.  It’s not the brand in isolation because, as I say, it’s all the other factors below BUT it is a consideration.

Your Vibe 

How are you showing up?

What’s your energy like?

My advice to lots of people has been – BE CAREFUL AS TO THE ENERGY YOU PUT INTO YOUR BUSINESS as it’s contagious.  If you’re unwell and you keep trying to work through it then you can inject unwell energy into your business and make your business unwell.  If you are tired and inject that energy into your business then you can make your business tired.

You wanna be showing up in your GLORY NOT YOUR GORY.

What’s your vibe saying about your business right now?

Is it time to unclench and embrace your relationship with your audience?

Your Mindset 

Let’s hit you with some quote here;

If your mind ain’t aligned then the action is irrelevant – Emma Holmes

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right – Henry Ford

If you aren’t confident and don’t believe in your products or services then how can anyone else?  I know that one can feel like a slap in the face BUT you need to know that if you show up and aren’t aligned, aren’t confident and are almost apologetic – that’s palpable.  If you show up and you’re uncomfortable talking about what you have for sale, that’s repulsive (in the sense of the word that you repel rather than the disgusting sense of the word).

If you’re desperate and hunter-esqe in trying to close the sale then people will sense that too.

GLORY NOT GORY remember.

Your Product Range 

People don’t buy for 3 reasons; ① they don’t want your thing ② they don’t trust you ③ they don’t trust themselves.  So, your product range is part of that.

I see lots of people having an overwhelming amount of products in their product range and people simply don’t know which is the best for them, if people can’t decide what’s best for them then they won’t buy.

You need a FOCUSED product range, which appeals to your crowd and which you communicate correctly (you can grab some help and support with your sales pages to ensure you’re communicating it well here >>click<<)

Your Pricing 

I hear people say that they set their pricing because they want to appeal to many, because they want to be accessible, because they want to make sure that price isn’t a barrier to entry. Perhaps it’s true, perhaps it’s an excuse.

People think it’s easier to sell a lower priced product – IT’S NOT.

The Abraham Hicks quote is; it’s as easy to manifest a castle as it is a button and it’s the same in sales – it’s as easy to sell a castle as it is a button.

Whatever you’re marketing takes up the same marketing bandwidth (it needs the same time, effort, energy & attention).  It stops you being able to market other stuff (because you’re FOCUSED, right?!)

Equally, it’s about perception.  People perceive cheap to be shit #sorrynotsorry OR they expect your whole hearted attention for a couple of quid (dollars).  Where you pitch it can either;

① turn off an audience who doesn’t believe there’s any value in that cheap thing because otherwise why would you price it that way


② create unrealistic expectations that you’re going to be their everything for little financial input

EITHER way it sucks.

Your pricing plays a major part in your attraction field.

You can watch into a little video on pricing here >>click to watch<<

What You’re Giving Away Free

Is there the ability to give away too much for free?

This is a controversial one AND I’m all for leading with value & proving value to your audience.  I think about it as the line is my FREE content is about EDUCATION and my programmes and working with me directly is about TRANSFORMATION.

YES, you can give away too much for FREE if we look at it logically.

You mustn’t;

❌ Overwhelm your audience ~ an overwhelmed mind can’t buy

❌Blind them with complexity ~ if they feel it’s too hard for them to make the changes then they can’t buy

❌ Give them so much to implement that they don’t need you.

Some people feel a little scared around this one.  It’s deffo an art rather than a science and there’s not a one size fits all.

I’ve also found that a few of my gorgeous Rockstars have ended up in sticky situations when they’ve bent over backwards to help someone for free and their work has been repaid, unfortunately, with a lack of gratitude – leaving them feeling very frustrated.

My big advice here would be to make sure that your free resources leave people somewhere.  If you don’t have a journey map as to where you’d like to take your crowd then there’s no way that they can make that journey – some may stumble across your offering BUT it’s going to be the few rather than the many.  Make your free stuff specific to the path you’re leading people on.  DON’T be overwhelming 🙈 and make sure people’s experience of your stuff is a good experience that leaves them wanting more.

Your Consistency 

A great quote I uncovered recently was;

Your inconsistency creates doubt in your customers mind

Now, please lets not confuse consistency with frequency.  Whilst they are interlinked they are also quite separate.  Being consistent is about a consistent message, it’s about FOCUS (too many people flit about from one thing to another and never ever make the impact that they’d like to), a consistent look & feel so that across platforms and internet spaces there’s a feeling that they’re in the right place and then frequency brings about the other element of it.

❓Are you showing up consistently?

❓Are you FOCUSED on who you can help, how you serve them and what you offer?

❓Is there a “uniformed” look & feel to what you do?

❓Do you have a core product(s)?

Helicopter out of your day to day work a little and consider the questions above.  Make some notes, see what comes up for you when you ask these questions and take a bit of an objective look at what you do.


If you want to change what you get in, you need to change what you send out ~ Kate Spencer 

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