If you’re new here then WELCOME. 

I could gush with a whole load of guff & fluff here but I really don’t wanna waste your time.  It’s a noisy old world out there and I don’t want to add to that noise.

You’re landed in the right place if you’re super passionate about making progress in your business.  I talk an awful lot about fulfilling your potential, being ready to embrace possibility & opportunities, not getting stuck in your own way and bulldozing through the huge amount of bullshit that’s out there to help & support you to create something quite spectacular.

I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs to micro focus on their own awesome, cut the distraction, ditch comparison and to stop boldly (<< note I’m not saying fearlessly ~ because sometimes it will make your bum clench a little) into what they WANT to do, how they want to show up in the world and what they want to share.

It’s about profitability.

It’s about FUN.  Business can be so consuming, overwhelming and boring if you let it.

Potential, Possibility & Opportunity

We get this ONE opportunity to have stacks of opportunities, to embrace our passions and to fulfil our potential.

OK, so there’s no one opportunity or, necessarily, one passion and our potential may well be subjective but let’s delve into that a little further.

You can the oldest you’ve ever been and the youngest you ever will be as you read this article right now.  Now that ones a little bit profound isn’t it.   I’m not going to go all out “you only have one life” thing BUT I know from nearly failing at the whole staying alive thing that it’s actually a truth (you can read more about that one here). 

What breaks my heart is seeing so many people out there who aren’t happy.  They had this dream of building a business, this vision of freedom, excitment and joy BUT what ended up happening was that they grew a totally overwhelming beast.  A business that became a total beast.  Sometimes that brought them NO joy whatsoever and was actually angsty, difficult, soulless.  A business that resulted in them going through the motions.  A business that didn’t make all that much money and the money it does make seems super hard to come by.

There’s an epidemic of entrepreneurs who are stuck, of entrepreuers who feel like they are on a constant search for the solution, the magic button, the one thing AND the industry sucks that up and provides a whole stack of information that makes people feel like even more of a fail.

There’s a choice here. 

Your direction from hereon is in your hands.

You decide. 

Potential = Limitless (as long as you believe it’s so).

Possibilities = Are Endless (as long as you search them out)

Opportunities = Are Everywhere (if you’re looking in the right places)

I’m passionate about fusing business strategy, mindset shifts and action to create clarity.  Once you’re really clear on what’s important to you, what lights you up and what you want to do then we are create actionables around that, which are strategy and focused on profitable action, action creates traction, which creates momentum and before you know it you’re flying in the right direction.

Right now you might not fully believe in yourself and that’s ok.  BUT what you need to know is that if you don’t address this stuff then you’ll simply continue to experience what you perceive as “evidence” that you CAN’T rather than evidence that you CAN.

Without looking at your whole self and your whole business then you’ll never achieve your potential.  You’ll stand in your own way, you’ll get stuck, you’ll be in overwhelm CONSTANTLY and you’ll never trust yourself as CEO of your business.

So, I want to show you how to fuse what’s already within you ~ activating the left brain & the right brain, creating your actionables, setting you free from the restrictions you’ve placed on yourself and stepping into creating a business that’s profitable, fun & makes your heart sing.

If you want more help & support then check out the EmmaHolmesHQ website….

I wanna help & support you to step into that power that’s already inside you, removed that barrier you’ve put in your own way and jump into the new version of you & your business.  Powerful, Productive, Profitable, Happy, Fun.

So, if you’re in the right place then I’m so pleased to have you here.

Rebels and Rockstars Emma Holmes