I had a little challenge in my Hub surrounding getting the gorgeous Rockstars who are there to think a little more about visibility & opportunities.

I asked them to consider writing guest blogs for one another and also for me to share with the Rockstar Community.

Here’s Sherry……

I’m part of this great group of soulful entrepreneurs and recently we were asked if we would be interested in writing a guest blog on the page and also to network with each other to guest blog.

Now I love to write and have blogged on my Facebook page for several years. Yet reading the comments and successful stories of these lovely business ladies, I got a visceral reaction. A tensing of my stomach, dry throat and a deep down shutter as my inner critic whispered; “you’re not good enough, You don’t own a successful business, you have nothing to offer, all you do is write about your life and experiences. Who wants to read about that except your few followers.”

So I put my phone down took a deep breath and put my hand up and offered to write anyway. On one hand my inner critic, (who strangely sounds like my ex-husband), has a point. I’m not a successful business woman YET, but that’s it.

I do have lots to offer, 45 years of life experience makes me a successful woman.

I have survived this long and I intend to keep on surviving. So take that inner critic.

Yes I write about what’s going on inside my head, because I know if I’m struggling with some inner demon like comparing myself to other women, than others are too.

If I share my thoughts, my story, my successes, and I can help someone else in their battle, that’s a huge success in my book. So that inner critic can shove off, as I know I am enough, I am able to help others by sharing, and yes one day I will be a successful business woman.

Because I am showing up!

I reckon you’ll agree – she did a stonking job!! I love that she left her resistance behind and did it even though she was scared.