Launching ain’t for the faint hearted. It is so easy to put together your product or programme and launch it quietly.  You think you’re shouting about it but, deep down in your heart of hearts, you’re not doing it justice.  You are being a bit lame. Now, I am not here to get all “shouty coach” at you, because that is really not my style.  I would much rather stoke a fire in your belly and a pop a grit of determination between you teeth. You are most likely not sticking to any sort of plan and just quietly popping yourself out there because you are scared.  There you are, I said it!  You are scared of rejection, you are frightened that no-one will buy/no-one will like it/people will think you are too expensive/people will think that it’s rubbish/people will think badly of you or your product/people will think you are getting above your station/you won’t make a penny/you will have to slink off and hide under a stone (delete as applicable or keep the whole lot). 


How would you feel if I told you that all of those feelings were perfectly normal.  It’s ok to feel like that.  Even the very best in the business suffer from (what I call) the Launch Wobbles.  So what flavour is your wobbly jelly?  Rejection? Mockery? No Sales? Fear of Failure?  A Spoonful of Each? I know it’s easy for me to say that it’s normal but how does that help you?  You don’t feel any better for it do you?  It is not helping you in your launch process is it? Here are my 5 top tips for calming those wobbles and getting back on track.


Acknowledging that you feel this way and reminding yourself that it is normal is half the battle.  Personally I have lost a number of days in the past to launch wobbles and have spent numerous days talking my VIP clients through the launch wobbles.   Acknowledge it, give yourself a bit of a talking to and eventually you will work out that your wobbles are fear based and not based on any kind of reality and then let yourself off the hook.  Don’t beat yourself up about the wobble, just let it pass.


If you are just putting your product or service out there without any launch plan or strategy then the launch wobbles can completely throw you off course.  They can leave you wringing your hands and wondering what to do next and often you decide that you will do nothing, because that’s easier than feeling like this.  At least if you have decided that you won’t do anything then no-one else has stopped you or stood in your way. You can’t just keep ploughing through if you don’t have a plan.


If you are feeling wobbly then, once you have accepted the wobble get back on track.  I suppose it’s a bit like a diet, a naughty treat does not need to knock you off track for the whole day and a launch wobble does not need to paralyse you into inaction.  Pick up the launch plan and keep going with what you have decided to do on any given day.  Do your social media promo, get that newsletter out, keep plugging away.


These prove that you’re awesome! If necessary engage your Launch Alter Ego, that persona who can plough on regardless and get stuff done, that person who is uber confident and wears her sassy pants every day (not her yoga pants) and has unknockable confidence. Keep going lovely, keep working through the launch and moving forwards. You can do it!  You’ve got this!