I trained as a person-centred counsellor.

The core values we learned there were non-judgment, acceptance and congruence (authenticity). In the training we not only learned about them, we learned to live them. I changed as a person during those three years.

So when I found mindfulness I knew that I was home.

It made so much sense to me, as the core values are very much the same: Acceptance of the present moment. Listening to our souls, our essence, and practising how to not judge our thoughts, ourselves and others.
My way to mindfulness was by finding Eckhart Tolle´s book A new earth. It might not be what most people think of as a mindfulness guide, but for me, it cuts straight to the core of mindfulness.
It is about truly being here and now. It is about connecting to our soul and our essence, that is the same as the universal essence and energy.

Sounds a bit woo-woo? Well, I am also a Priestess, so…what can I do?

As a Priestess I know that this universal energy, the primal force of everything, that I call Goddess, the Divine feminine, She, flows through everything on this earth and in this universe. She is the creatrix. I am in Her and She is in me.
It is this openness to the energies, to the elements, to myself that made me feel so at home with mindfulness.
Learning how it feels to be here and now also helps me hold sacred space in ceremony, and go on inner journeys in my own meditations. Because when I want to create sacred and magical space I have to be present in my body and in the place where I am, otherwise I can not open myself up to what is happening in the moment. And being in that present, open state is pure magic. It is like being One with everything. It is a natural high.
So you see how all my trainings: counsellor, Priestess of Avalon and mindfulness instructor all fits so well together? Perfect, isn’t it! I couldn´t have planned it better myself!

The problem with being a person-centred mindful Priestess in this society is that the majority of people have different priorities that I have.

While I am always trying to move to a more cyclical way of living, listening to my own body, the energies of the season and guidance from my oracle cards, society wants me to be able to produce at the same speed Monday-Friday all year round. Is that really sensible?
Well, I certainly don’t think so.
That is why I urge everyone to stop. Breathe. Connect to the present moment to ground and centre and FEEL. What is going on for me right now. Do I need rest? Do I need to dance? Am I bursting with creativity?

I invite you to find your own cycles of creativity and rest.

It can help to lessen frustration when we want to, or feel like we should, create or write. If we are not at the right place energetically we can be more accepting towards ourselves.
We can also learn to plan for those times. We can create more when we in a phase when things come easily to us, so that we have all that we need for later.
We can share these phases with others, so that more and more people can learn to step away from the constant pressure to be at our best all year, all month, all week.
I think many of us would feel so much better if we learned to listen to our bodies and to Mama Nature.

All we need is some time for stillness so that we can hear our souls speak.

Elin Hejll
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