Launching online can be a daunting task.

It can feel initially like you are going to go off and shout into a deep, dark hole and doubt starts to creep in about whether you will ever be in a position to pull of big launches and make money from your online products. Add to that the worry about whether anyone will buy from you or not and add a sprinkling of whether or not your product is good enough you can see yourself in a massive sea of doubt, procrastination and fear! So, what are you to do?

Give up?

Certainly not! What you are to do is to bring together a launch plan and strategy that will work for both you and your business. It will be bespoke! It’s no good working super hard on a launch and it not sitting right with you and your business because this will not attract flocks of customers. On a little side note, this certainly doesn’t mean that a launch will be inside your comfort zone because, sorry, it won’t. A launch will always stretch you and when you are stretching outside of your comfort zone that’s when the magic is happening and your business is growing.

So, what’s it take to pull off an awesome launch?

Let’s go over the steps!

1. Work Out Your Zone of Genius

This is where you need to start! Right at the beginning. You might say “oh but I know what my niche is” and then proceed to give me a sketchy outline of the most massive sector imaginable.

Your Zone of Genius is a little different, think about it as your Mastermind Specialist Subject.

It is something that comes to you naturally, you can teach people about it with ease and you would be more than happy to talk about it all day long. There is a change in your voice when someone asks you about it, a fire lights in your belly.

You want to share that knowledge and help people to conquer the skill.

It can be a tricky one for lots of people as they start to think about the elements of their knowledge that they can craft into an online product of programme.  We overthink it.  If it comes naturally to us we assume that it’s something that everyone already knows about.

Strip it back.   Accept that we all have different talents, skills, knowledge and teach things in a different way.

This might be a really good point to get some external input too if you’re overthinking things.

2. Work Out Who You Serve & What Journey You Take Them On

This is all about who can benefit most from your Zone of Genius.

➡️ Who is it that would get the greatest benefit from whatever it is that you teach?

⁇  Think about where you would be if you didn’t have that Zone of Genius, where would you be stuck, where could you not make any progress?

⁇ Would you be missing out on opportunities?

⁇ Losing money?

⁇ Miserable?

⁇ Would you feel stuck and frustrated?

I like to think of it as you need to be taking your audience on a journey, you need to be taking them from their Stuck Place to their Awesome Place and when you come around to productising your zone of genius then that product will essentially be their Sally Sat Nav. It will be the quickest possible route for them from stuck to awesome.

You will create their motorway.

Yes, these are things that they could probably achieve themselves, eventually. They could go out and do lots of work and wade through zillions of free resources available online, they would probably wander off onto the B Roads, they would detour and might even end up back where they started BUT you can show them the easy way!

3. Build A Crowd

You need to start to gather an audience around you of the people that would benefit most from your Zone of Genius.

The first step is to pick a platform in order to gather that crowd. It might be that it’s a Facebook Page or your Twitter feed or a networking group. So many people wanna build the website and the full programme and have all their ducks in a row before they go public with their idea.  Here’s the thing – if you build your crowd first then you’ll have people who will click to read that blog or check out the thang you’ve got for sale.  If you try to get everything together first THEN you have to build the traffic and the eyes and the relationships that’ll mean that people are ready to get involved with what you’ve got to offer.

I have clients who have hit 4 figure months before they’ve had a website.  It’s totally do-able.

The priority needs to be building the platform where you can reach people – whether social media or in person.

When deciding on the right platform – It should be a place where your crowd are most likely to hangout and a place where you are comfortable in hanging out too.

4. Nurture That Crowd

Once you start to build that crowd that it’s your job to make sure that you look after them well.

✔️  You need to be sharing really great, valuable content with them on a regular basis.

✔️  You need to be offering them free resources and showing them the ways you can help them.

I always say that your default position (particularly in a period of growth) should be SERVE THE PANTS OFF YOUR CROWD.

5. Get Them On Your List

Your list is one of the most valuable assets in your business.

❌  If you don’t translate your crowd from observers into subscribers then you will be missing out on business.

Your list is important because it allows you to drop into people’s inboxes on your terms, when you have something to tell them about. If you don’t have a list then you also miss the opportunity of getting in touch with your crowd should anything (touching wood, touching wood) ever happen to your social media platforms.

6. Design A Product They Will Fall Over Themselves For

So, here’s the thing ~ there’s lots of choice out there now and you have to make sure that as you develop your product and think about bringing it together for launch that your product/programme is EXACTLY what your client WANTS in order to achieve their dreams and desires in a certain area.

Notice I used the word WANTS not the word NEEDS.

We don’t always WANT what we NEED and if we don’t want it then we don’t buy it 😱

Think about what your crowd WANT, sell to them what they WANT and then provide them with what they NEED in order to get to where they WANT to go! 🙌

7. Plant The Seeds

Before you set off into Launch Mode you need to make sure that you have started to plant the seeds with your crowd about what you have got coming and how it may well just change their world.

Familiarity and anticipation results in earlier sales.

Tell them about the product you are working on and ask them whether it’s something that will be of interest to them.

✔️  Think about when Apple release information about a new device, they do this months before it’s ready for market and people start to get hyped about it.

✔️  Another industry that does this really well is the movie industry. They tell you about their new movie months/years in advance and start to plant the seeds with trailers and clips, they start to hook you in and start to make you feel like their movie is already familiar and therefore you will want to see it.

Insofar as familiarity is concerned then those who do this BEST are the budget supermarkets who seem to get away with packaging their own brand products to look very similar to the market leaders.  That familiarity in packaging, colours and fonts makes people feel familiar with the product and more likely to purchase it without overthinking it too much.

8. Decide On A Launch Strategy

You need to pick a launch strategy that works for you but also for your audience.

There is no point in you deciding that you will purely market your product to your list when in fact your list is tiny and even if they all bought it will never bring you the returns that you would want from your offering.

You don’t have to have a massive list in order to launch a product or programme as it’s more than possible to build your list on the way.

I work with lots of gorgeous Rockstars to create a launch strategy that will totally work for their business, their crowd and how they like to work (as well as pushing them out of their comfort zone ever so slightly).

9. Nail An Early Bird

Eeeekkk – that sounds cruel doesn’t it!

🤓 This is you offering your crowd a discounted price for getting involved in your product early.

Personally it’s not an element I bring to my launches anymore as I have a huge chip on my shoulder about fair pricing and people paying the same amount if they are receiving the same product BUT it was something that I did implement in my launches when I first started out.

It might be that you consider creating momentum with;

➡️ Introductory Offer when you bring something new to market

➡️ An early bird price

➡️ An special bonus for those that sign up early.

Creating momentum in your launches is a good idea in the early days.  Once you’ve established your product, have testimonials and feedback then you can miss this step out.

10. Market Like You Mean It

Whispering about your launch just won’t cut it – you have to market like you mean it!

We can’t fall into the trap of stealth selling and hiding messages.

You can read more about stealth selling here….

11. Perfect Your Pitch And Shift Your Selling Mindset

Selling is not icky! Selling is you offering people an opportunity to work with you further. Shift that mindset right away!

You can dive into much more about launch mindset here…..

12. Get Over The Wobbles

Everyone experiences the launch wobbles at some point during their launch. You need to accept them for what they are – just a wobble and be safe in the knowledge that the wobble will pass!

Here’s some support on your launch wobbles…..

13. Don’t Give Up

Launch fatigue will hit, when you are launching it’s a really intense period of marketing, promotion and generally a really busy period in your business. Make sure you keep going until the end and at the end you give yourself and BIG treat!

Let’s look a little deeper at launch fatigue too….

Happy Launching x