Ah, blogging.  I know that lots of people get stuck on blogging because they have told themselves a little story that writing doesn’t come naturally to them OR that they need to go out there and “find” their voice or that they are pants at the old SPAG (Spelling, Punctation And Grammar) and therefore they are terrified of the Grammar Police finding them out.

ADD on top of that the fear that their peers/friends/family/”competitors” might read it and it really is a recipe for the wobbles!

The self talk fairy hits her flow;

❌You’re not good enough 

❌You can’t write 

❌Who do you think you are to write a BLOG and be a figure of authority 

❌No-one will want to read what you’ve written 

❌What will you even write anyways? 

Blah Blah Blah

So instead of writing you allow her to win and you leave the whole blogging malarkey as far down the to do list as you possibly can.

In the meantime you will desperately search the “best practice” and “rules” of blogging.  Educate yourself so that when you are ready you will be on it like a car bonnet.

Right, let’s take a little step back.

The Self Talk Fairy 

She is exactly that – she’s all talk.  She’s there, in a vain effort to keep you safe, trying to distract you from doing anything that might put you out there and make you feel vulnerable.  She does her job well because we are so often inclined to listen to her.  She often catches us at our weakest moments.

You have a message to share and your message needs to be bigger than your fear.

The minute that your message is bigger than your fear and the need to share that message becomes the thing of upmost importance then all the other sh!t becomes insignificant.

Who Will Read It 

Well, no-one if you don’t write it 😉

It’s none of my business who reads this.  I will share it and I will encourage the right people to read it but over and above that it’s simply not my business.  It’s here to help the right people.  If you don’t resonate with it then that’s also totally fine and I’m not your bag.  If you are here to have a nosey at the type of content I do and my message in order to check in on me then that’s also fine.  I write my blogs for those people I am here to help & support.  If that’s you then – AWESOME, if not then that’s totes cool too.


Spelling, Punctation And Grammar ain’t my strongest point.  I know how it feels to think that you will be judged on that and coupled with that I also work with people who spell English words in different ways too.  Are people offended?  Not often.  Some people feel the need to contact me about a typo here and there but that doesn’t bother me in the least.  I have a few lovely Rockstars who have a little Grammar Police in them but there feedback is always laced with love and it doesn’t put them off reading my stuff.

Also – I don’t speak gramatically correctly all the time and therefore don’t write in that way.  I write in the way I speak and often my ideas and my muse work much faster than my fingers (meaning the occasional error occurs). In short, I kinda got over myself with that one.

So let’s look at where you go with it all;

Your Voice 

CALL OFF THE SEARCH – you had one all along!! It comes out of your mouth.  Sometimes it gets lost between your mouth and your fingers but that’s fine.  If you are struggling with how you want to sound within your blog then the best remedy is – simply sound like yourself.  If those words are lost between the mouth and the fingers then try voice recording what you’d like to say and come back and type it up later.

Blog Structure 

I was taught to;

✔️ Write an short paragraph overview at the beginning so that people can decide whether it’s for them quickly 

✔️ Remember to include headings throughout for those skim readers 

✔️ Include Calls To Action throughout your text 

✔️ Finish with a conclusion/round up/summary/some tasks for the reader to undertake

✔️ Look to get their email address out of them 

✔️ Focus on your key word 

✔️ Not too long and not too short mind you! 

No wonder we get out knickers in a knot! Do I think about these things as I write?  Not really.  Yes I include headings for the skim readers (BUT just because that makes sense in the text anyway) and I do have the whole conclusions, calls to action, summary or tasks to do thing going on (BUT only if it makes sense in that blog) and yes all of my blogs are over the 300 words mark (BUT I’m not often under the 600 words mark that lots of people profess to be the max out there). I write for as long as it takes to share the points I want to share and hopefully cocoon it in some humour and personality so that boredom doesn’t strike!

Best Way To Start? 

Start! Starting is the best way to start.  The more you write the easier it will feel.  The more you share your message with those you are here to serve then the more help and support you will be them, the more feedback you will get and the world will just be a better place.

Easier said than done?

✔️ Write down 5 things that you could chat to your audience about, the most common things they get stuck with and how you can best help them.

✔️ Tear up the rule book

✔️ Write a conversation, a love letter, with them and tell them what you need to tell them on that subject, don’t overthink it, don’t over edit it and don’t keep it hidden (because you are then hiding that information from them and that won’t make you feel good 😉

✔️ Start to enjoy and indulge in writing – if you’re not a natural writer then stop telling yourself that story as it might be that you are really but you can also voice record what you want to say or you can vlog.

✔️ Spell check is your friend (auto correct IS NOT)

So the structure?  Knickers to it, you’ll find your own way to share your message and you’ll do it beautifully. 

Happy blogging

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