Wowsers! We’ll make a procedure for that ~ yawn, yawn.

My creative brain totally switches off, my eyes roll and with a swish of the hair and a flounce I totally want to turn my back on that.

I wanna start of with 2 things ;

  • There’s nothing that will drain your productivity more than making a process for something that simply doesn’t need to be done.
  • Processes/workflows/procedures/protocol/systems etc (PWPPS) can set you free if you do them in a way that suits you.

So, FIRSTLY, it’s always FAB to step back and take a look of what you do regularly in your business.   It’s time to make a decision as to whether you’re simply doing things out of habit (those need binning) and whether you are making your life easier and having systems in place for stuff that is, absolutely, worth your time doing.

When you have a creative brain it’s often difficult to bring these PWPPS together.  Your brain resists and the rebel inside wants to make sure you aren’t boxing yourself in.

As I work with STACKS of creative entrepreneurs I have lots of ways that you can bring together PWPPS that will set you free.

  • PWPPS will mean that things don’t get overlooked/forgotten.
  • PWPPS will mean that you can outsource things easier (because you can show someone else what needs to be done and how you’re doing it).
  • It frees up bandwidth inside your head to continue being massively creative.

Here’s some ideas;

Online Process Capturing


A VERY visual resource that you can use and that is pleasing on the eye of a creative.  It’s also a lovely exercise to bring your boards and ideas together.

A more linear feeling online capturing tool.
You can use this to record a process on a series of “cards” or you can use it to capture information.  Here’s an example of one of the boards I use to capture my longer Facebook posts;
You can grab a fab free resource to help you set up Trello here >>click<<

Power In The Pen

I am an absolute advocate about how much power there is in the pen and writing things out.
A couple of ways you can do this;
Top left ~ a simple kinda flow chart
Bottom left ~ a step by step (probs the most boring one)
Top right ~ I LOVE this one, it’s physically drawing the steps and writing under what you need to do
Bottom right ~ a mindmap to help you capture those thoughts
I hope that that gets your creative juices flowing!