Here’s the thing.  It’s been a while, it’s been a while since I sunk into the marketing tactics that wind me up so ferociously.

No, no, no ~ I didn’t do any of them.

I was a willing participant.

I decided that I needed to refresh myself on all I didn’t like about marketing tactics that feel empty and soulless (misleading and utterly uncomfortable).  So, I signed up for one of these webinars.  You know the ones.  Where there’s dates and times to pick from and you are welcomed onto the webinar as if it were a real life, live stream.

It then hits you that the host is welcoming people onto the stream that you cannot see in the comments.  You notice that all those that you can see in the comments aren’t mentioned.  Ah, but perhaps you can only see some of the comments ~ right?!?

Benefit of the doubt and all that.

BUT, I’m now on the defensive a little.  I feel like I have been hoaxed into showing up on a certain day, at a certain time (and there’s more than one of these today) to watch a pre-recorded video.

Now, don’t get me wrong ~ I see merits and I know that there’s marketing potential in both pre-recorded and live webinars and I have happily used both in my business.  BUT, what I can’t stand is dressing one up as the other.  Don’t pretend a live is a pre-record and don’t pretend a pre-record is a live.  It REALLY feels disingenuous, untruthful, wrong!!  Yup, live webinars have, traditionally, shown a higher rate of conversion.  That personal touch, a little side order of hype and the impetuous to sign up to the paid offering as you are swept along on the wave.  Pre-records are fab because they are available and people can view them when they want to but there’s not that same hype and pull attached to them and therefore conversion will be slower.

I also totally get that it’s hard work (& a little monotonous) to have to deliver the same webinar content live over and over again.

BUT, ffs, don’t start your relationship with your crowd heavily laced in deception just because it’s a) easier for you to deliver a pre-record b) you want all the benefits of the live stream.


Anyhaps, this kinda got me thinking…….

I mused over it in the car on my journey to school and thought ~ what would you do in order to achieve success?  Where’s your ethical boundary and where’s your integrity compromised (if ever)?

So, here’s some of the things I won’t do in business;

  1. Pretend my pre-record is a live stream.  I ain’t doing it, no matter how much extra money I could make by peddling the same webinar over and over again (yup, ace recycling BUT ppppplllllleeeeaaaasssseeeee).
  2. Hide my pricing
  3. Have third party adverts all over my website
  4. Have pop-ups on my website (I hate them and most of my crowd have a dislike too ~ and Google aren’t keen)
  5. Use certain hashtags (even though they would be epic for reaching more people) #fempreneur is surely a sanity product and unless I’m specifically talking about my kids/the school run etc then things like #businessmom #bizmum #mompreneur #mumpreneur won’t be used ~ I just don’t feel it defines me or what I’m doing.  There’s a few that leave me feeling a little uncomfortable and if it ain’t a HELL YEAH then by default it’s a no.
  6. Fear induced marketing.  Scaremongering etc.  I’m not going to ever tell anyone that they have to work with me otherwise they’ll always be a fail.  I’m not going to tell people that if they aren’t willing to make the investment then they aren’t serious in their business.  I’m not going to ask you to give me attention because I’m telling you that Facebook is killing small business (oooooohhhhhh that one is sooooo common).  I’m not going to make you panic or catastrophise anything that we can look at logically and work out what we CAN do to move things forwards.
  7. I’m not going to push you down a massive funnel when you sign up to a free resource from me.
  8. I am not going to view you as a walking purse and take every opportunity to tip you upside down.
  9. I will not ignore comments or emails from my crowd (#rude)
  10. Make you turn up to an event or spend any significant period of time with me for me just to simply push a sale.

Those I’ve listed off the top of my head and I’m sure a whole stack of others will come to me as soon as I press publish.  I’d love to know, what tactics and strategies make you feel icky?  What do you avoid?  What have you been uncomfortable on the receiving end of?