Your curiosity must have been spiked by the title of this one to pop through and take a read.

The Lazy Entrepreneur is TOTALLY a thing and I want you to know that you’re not alone.

There’s kinda 3 possibilities to it here;

❓ You LOVE that thang you do but the businessey side of business just isn’t your thang and you’ll do the absolute minimum to get by (i.e. you avoid this shit at all costs and only do it when you absolutely HAVE TO).

❓ You get lazy in business ~ I see this a lot and no-one is immune to it biting you on the butt every now and then.  You’ve got it all going on and you have started to see some elements of success and then you kinda fall into lazy patterns, stop pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone and kinda get into the “going through the motions” thang.

❓You’re not really lazy, more easily distracted AND you haven’t followed through with the last thing before the next thing has caught your eye.

Whichever category you fall into (or more than one), that’s totally ok.  Lazy is something that lots of us shuffle through from time to time and it’s your ability to recognise it and call yourself out on it that’s important.

Failure to grow & evolve, failure to implement and get stuff done, failure to step into and show your businesses potential/possibility/excitement will stunt your business growth and therefore mean that you are never able to fulfil your potential.

Let’s look at some strategy here;



I know, I know ~ you just wanna do your thang, help the people you’re here to help and crack on with the bits of your work that you find truly exciting and inspirational.  The thing is here that you will never be in a position to reach as many people if you don’t do the businessey bits.

Right now you might perceive these bits to be super boring ~ list building, social media, e-marketing, blog writing ~ yeah YAWN YAWN ~ I know I can’t just say that you need to embrace them because in your head they still feel super boring and not your life’s work.

Let’s look at it another way,  firstly ~ this stuff doesn’t have to be stale and boring.  I’m a massive advocate of you taking the principles of business and finding new and exciting ways to implement them.  So writing down the words “what’s my version of that” and brainstorming what comes up is a perfect place to start.   There’s no “one size fits all” here and it’s about making sure that you are looking at the elements of business strategy (yawn) and deciding how you can do that your way.  How can you engage with your audience on social media?  How can you show up and give your crowd support?  How can you start/grow your email list?  How can you offer them opportunities to buy from you?  What’s it look like for you?

There are no rules.

There’s no perfect place to start ~ getting started is about getting started and choosing one element that you can get your teeth into.

If this leaves you flummoxed then the Beyond Ordinary Business Hub might be the perfect place for you as there’s some amazing foundation programmes in there that will help you to find an easy way of getting this businessey stuff working for you >>click here for more deets<<



Didn’t we all at one point or another.  I want you to just take a moment and look at what you’re not doing.  Again, grab a journal/piece of paper (whatever) and write down where you are simply going through the motions in your business and what you’re not doing (perhaps because it feels like hard work).

I also like the little exercise ~ “if someone else where running my business what would they be doing” because that can allow you a level of detachment from the words you’re writing and allow you to see which activities you might be avoiding (out of fear or out of laziness).

The BIG one here is to be totally honest with yourself.

No excuses.

It’s time to call yourself out on it.



Ooooooohhhhhhhhh squirrel 🙈 YUP, it’s common.  Lots of entrepreneurs are already on their next project before they’ve followed through with their last one.  This one takes a little bit of self discipline because I know it’s oh so easy to dive off in another direction and wanna get your hands into the next exciting thing.

PLAN ~ so this is usually the exciting phase.  Capitalise on that excitement and bring together a plan that you can truly get your teeth into.  I mean actionable steps and timelines that give you date specific goals.

PREP ~ get lots of your action steps in the bag whilst you’re in planning phase and you won’t get disheartened or distracted along the way.

EXECUTE ~ be your own kick ass accountability partner.  Call yourself out on it.

I think that having the active, step by step “to do list” is super helpful, with time frames, as you can then keep the execution of fresh and exciting along the way.  Ticking the list is cathartic and those little challenges for yourself will keep your interest “all in.”

The BIG thing with everything in business is being “all in.”  This doesn’t mean you have to work 24hrs a day but it does mean that when you do settle down to work that you are present, poised and always looking at what YOU CAN DO to move your business forwards.

I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments, do you recognise yourself in here?