Imagery is really important in my business. Not from an egotistical perspective (although my photographer is very good at shining me in my best light) BUT because images of me and my reality are great to use in my business.

Images portray lots of emotion and as they say – a picture paints a thousand words.  Now that we have so much content to feed our senses every day it’s important to use imagery to capture attention and captivate minds.

So why do you want to consider some bespoke photography for your business? I suppose the main reasons boil down to them being personal and unique.  But let’s explore some more…..




✔️ It allows us to rely less on stock photography

✔️ It allows lots of glimpses behind the scenes

✔️  It allows me to show a little of my personality within the imagery we use

✔️ It’s unique and can’t be used by anyone else

Do I like having my picture taken? To be honest it has never been my favourite thing but it’s something I have come to embrace. Work with the right photographer and you simply get a day playing out and the results are the piccies you can use in your business.

We mix up a studio shoot with real life pictures.

How can you make sure you get the pictures you want??

 The brief for this shoot was to get stacks of personality pictures and funny faces. Make sure you know the types of pictures you are looking for. Do you want studio/headshot kinda pictures? Do you want pictures that are out & about? Do you want a mixture of the 2. All my shoots involve both.  You can get a template on how to do this in the free photography guide at the end of this article!

 Get pictures where you have room to the left or right so that you can add text to them and make them into memes for social media with ease.

 Are you looking for a colour scheme – accidentally this shoot has a pink & blue kinda theme going on.

 Black & white or colour – my photographer mixes them up and to be honest you can get colour pictures and apply filters to them to make them black and white with ease now.

 What will you use them for? Are they for profile pictures or social media or your website?

 Props – do you want any particular props in your photos. This time round we included phone, laptop, tablet, earphones, pendulum and notebooks.

  Do you want any where you are pointing into a blank space so that you can add words to it later.

They don’t have to be stuffy or overly “professional” types of pictures. My biggest advice would be to smile & let your personality shine through!

Get The Guide 

How To Nail Your Biz Photos 

Need a photo shoot but have no idea where to start, what you should be thinking about and how to plan the shoot and what you want to get out of it.

Whether you are going to work with a professional photographer OR go DIY then the guide will help you to plan and nail your photo session.

I hope you find it super useful.