They don’t call me Holmes for nowt.

It’s an expression I use a lot!! Yup, my ego occasionally likes to think that it’s funny, hilarious even.

It’s all to do with working intuitively a lot of the time and contact my Rockstars just when they need me to, telling them the stuff that they already know deep down.   I say the things that they are thinking right in back of their head – some of the stuff they don’t even realise they are thinking or haven’t quite even admitted to themselves yet.

Spooky? Perhaps!

Fun? definitely!

Helpful? Always.  Why?  Because this is about addressing the issues that really matter and overcoming the hurdles that are standing in their way.  Those hurdles that are keeping them stuck or holding them back.  It might be the stuff that seems totally trivial – like they don’t like their logo.  It might be stuff that’s getting in the way of doing other stuff – like they don’t like their website so they are not going to get involved with any efforts to drive traffic over there OR it might be simple stuff like not feeling “aligned” to have they are doing.  On that there last one they are often looking at alignment in all the wrong ways (I wrote a little blog about that previously – take a little read here).

There’s another little Holmes link!

So, recently I started binge watching the BBC adaptation of Sherlock.  I’m not a big telly watcher but if I get into something it’s time to clear a little time and fill my cup on something I love.  If you haven’t seen it then I’d suggest that you take a look for it.

Sherlock often trundles off to his Mind Palace in order to access the information stored within his brain.  Some might stay that it’s kinda like a meditation or trace state where he accesses the deep seat stuff that he knows, but that he can’t pull quickly into his conscious mind.

As he accesses this bank of information words and phrases are seen in front of him.  He swipes them off in a way (I’m told) a desperado would swipe through Tinder.

Words fit together.

That thought, idea or concept he was trying to access pieces together.

It kinda got me thinking.  I believe that we all have access to lots of the answers most of the time.  I believe that we all have a real good idea about the direction we should be taking with things and the actions we need to take.  Often, due to overwhelm or fear or angst, we simply cannot access them.

Sometimes it’s simply a matter of accessing our Mind Palace, sieving through the shit and finding the bits that piece together.

What does it take to access your Mind Palace?

  • For some it might be meditation.
  • For some it might be getting out in nature.
  • For some it will be stepping away from the whole coal face of it all.
  • For some it will be doing something that lights their fire.
  • For some it’ll be a bath
  • For some a day at the spa
  • For some a trip into town and a walk around the shops
  • For some it will be people watching and sipping coffee.

Whatever your thing is to set you free and allow your mind to wander will work.  If you try to force it then it simply won’t come.

How will it look?

  • It might be words
  • It might be visuals
  • It might be self talk
  • It might be thoughts

Whatever it looks like for you, it will help you to come to some conclusions.

If you feel so stuck that you can’t do it alone then enlist the help and support of some cheerleaders, a friend or a coach/mentor to bring it forth, give you some ideas and get you unstuck.

Elementary my dear Watson!